JadeMind creates simple solutions for complex problems.

Impossible is just a matter of perspective, and we aspire to demonstrate it daily.

We follow three core principles

Do what you love

We believe you can only create great things if you love what you do. Therefore we pledge to be passionate about what we do, how we do it, and why.

Focus on essence

We think everything has a core, a fundamental essence. We believe you need to focus on this essence and get it right. Only then will you be able to create something truly remarkable.

Strive for the optimum

Perfection is a standstill and the greatest enemy of meaningful evolution. To deliver, we seek optimality and rapid development while omitting the bullshit and openly discussing our successes and failures.

Who is JadeMind?

... we are two seasoned entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers and explorers who love to find elegant solutions for complex problems. Our passion for computer science and our curiosity for different domains, has led to a successful track record with many commercial and academic organizations. In addition, our solid scientific background allows us to apply cutting-edge technologies to find the optimal solution for your problems.

... and we successfully did this for ...

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Drop us a line at officejademind.com.