PostgreSQL trivia

Sometimes it is necessary to use the psql command line tool to quickly explore odds in database. Often you also need to use some commands to view structure of your database or tables. In PostgreSQL (and also in other database systems) you can do that by querying system tables like pg_tables , pg_class , pg_attribute  and so on.


Take a screenshot within iOS simulator

Whether you want to tweak your user interface or you want to take some promotional images of your iOS application, it is often really helpful to take a screenshot of your iOS application which is running on the iOS simulator.


iAd Integration

Advertisements are another option to provide your iOS applications still for free but also to get some cash back for your work. Although ads are not that popular to app users Apple made a big hit with their new iAd network. I’d like to call iAd the next level of advertisement on mobile devices because they offer a totally different experience compared to common text or banner based ads.