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We love to see great ideas come to life and we bring the know how to help you implement them. We utilize agile methods that have proven to be extremely effective when it comes to getting a clear picture of what you need.


Once you have a clear picture of what you need, it is vital to uncover and understand it’s essence. This lays the fundament for any great design and is a principle you need to believe and live which is what we do.


We think you should use the best tool for the job and that is what we are great at. Whatever technology or method we need to transform the talk into actual results, we are able to handle it.

Our Story

We are a small group of creative entrepreneurs, scientists and engineers who love to find elegant solutions for complex problems. Our passion for computer science, paired with our curiosity for different domains, has led to a successfull track record with many different commercial and academic organizations. We have a strong scientific background which allows us to apply cutting edge technologies to find the optimal solution for your problems.
DI Andreas Katzian

DI Andreas Katzian

Founder & Managing Partner

Andreas is the soul of Jademind and passionate about bringing great ideas to life. He holds degrees in Sofware Engineering and IT Management from the University of Klagenfurt and looks back at more than 17 years of experience in the IT industry ranging from small startups to big companies. His focus is on product development and project management where he has been responsible for both industry and research projects.

Dr. Johannes M. Schleicher

Dr. Johannes M. Schleicher

Founder & Managing Partner

Johannes is the heart of Jademind and passionate about distilling the essence of things. His PhD thesis with a focus on Smart Cities and Distributed Systems won the state price “Award of Excellence” in 2017 and his research has been published in several high ranking journals and conferences. His focus lies on solving complex problems with novel technologies where he looks back at over 18 years of industry and research experience. 

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